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Note: this post started off as a contrast between real whiteboards and digital whiteboards, then I got distracted by a specific idea for code organization. I split this post up into two separate ones since the conversations were distinct enough. You can find the code organization piece here. Hope you don’t mind!

Whiteboards are awesome because a bunch of people can get together and connect their thoughts in an extremely visual manner. The only downside is that they require folks to be in the same room as one another to communicate clearly.

After having used a few online whiteboards that are supposed to serve as a substitute for the real thing, I wasn’t really impressed. There still felt like there was a disconnect in the input devices. On a real board, it’s so instantaneous to precisely draw with a marker, be able to erase it by wiping bits away with the palm or forearm (or a cloth if you're that guy), however, it seems as if the mouse is far inferior.

Perhaps its because I was taught how to write with a pen-like device instead of a mouse-like device when I was in elementary school? To avoid another argument - it just isn’t as quick to switch between the keyboard and the mouse to be able to write labels and draw different shapes.